Saturday, March 28, 2009

Bungee Jumping

I learned early on when I meet Scott, that  he was a bit of a dare devil so it was  of  no surprise to me when he told me he had signed up to bungee jump for charity one summer.  He said it was for  a good cause.. I knew for sure that  the charity was not what he had in mind.
Since the so called charity event was going to be held at Lake Washington on a Saturday and we often would go boating there it was going to be a party weekend. I was friends with some of the other dare devils wives', and we all had boats. It was going to be a day of fun with friend at the lake even thought I did not like the bungee jumping. We set out with our boat,  beer, and food for an afternoon of sun, fun, and adventure at the lake.

While the audience could  have a beer as soon as we got our boats in place for the show, the bungee jumpers had  to put on a  show first before they could have  their beers.  So they had to wait!
Here is Scott getting ready to go up for the big jump
Finally at the top are you really going to jump or come back down.
I Guess he jumpedimg900 
I  would like to add that I did not take these picture or did  I even see Scott jumping out I closed my eyes. I could not look I was so afraid. 
A  Happy Bungee Jumper heading for the boat for a beer, and a day of celebrating with friends, and fun in the sun at the lake.
Congratulation Scott, sorry we were so excited, we drank all the beer.

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