Saturday, March 21, 2009

Carlton Peak Lake Superior

tofteOften we would take a trip to the North Shore. Its a beautiful place and the hiking and scenery is great for Minnesota.
We have stayed several time in Tofte a small village just south of Grand Marais. This trip we stayed at the Bluefin Bay Resort which is just down the road from the trail-head to Carlton Peak.
Carlton Peak is part of the Temperance River State Park as well as the Superior National Forest, along beautiful North Shore of Lake Superior. It is a high point just along the lake and has spectacular views of Lake Superior
The trail-head is just off country road 2 and the trail is a segment of the Superior Nation Hiking trail that runs along the North Shore atop the Saw Tooth Mountains (What passes for Minnesota Mountains).
We arrived mid morning and parked the jeep at the trail-head, loaded our day packs, and cameras and were off on the trail.

The trail is fairly easy, and well used as it winds its way to the top of Carlton Peak. Our beautiful tour guide for this trail hike points out the unique Birch tree groves that we are making our way through.

Farther along the trail we skirt huge granite boulders covered with moss.

Since the peak is only 500 feet or so above the surrounding area its an easy hike and we arrive at the top in a couple of hours. The top has surveyors mark.

You can still see the remains of an old fire tower that was taken down years ago.

Margaret takes time to do some Yoga in a beautiful serene setting.

In the distance you can see an old lighthouse on the lakeshore.

While we were there a couple of other hikers arrived at the top and offered to take our picture if we would take theirs. So we exchanges cameras and photos.

To the west out over Superiors National Forest the trees are starting to turn red in their annual fall display of colors. Its not the peak yet, but its still a great view.

As the sun starts to set and cast long shadows on the beautifully colored forest bringing on the night……

The moon rises over Carlton Peak!

Not really…… I was just waxing poetically and that was really Margaret still doing her Yoga on Carlton Peak!
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